/ Zent II vom Liether -Moor

gewölft am: 22.11.2018
Farbe: Brsch
Zuchtbuch-Nr.: 238849
Zuchtregister: NN
ZR-Nr.: 440/18
DGStB: 74393
Zuchtschau F/H: 10/10
Zuchtschau H/L: 65/67
HZP:  226 m.Sp.
VGP: I./ 329 ÜF

Befunde: HD(A), OC(D) frei, ED frei
Leistung: HN, Sj-DD

Beschreibung: Zent II is a breeding male with a calm and balanced character: he is extremely obedient and connected to the handler, he is friendly towards the family, people and other dogs, he turns the right aggression only towards the wild.
Characterized by a great constancy during the search for the wild, a solid firmness and an excellent use of the extremely developed sense of smell, he stands out in every area of hunting, from the resistance to retrieve.
Zent II reported excellent results in all morphological and work performance tests.




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